February 26, 2015

Friday's Dose of Delight| 2.27.2015

Guess what y'all? We all survived another week! That deserves a glass of  pinot, or two.

Here's a few things that caught my eye this week.
They also deserve a glass of wine.

I have gone online to look back at this rug so many times I'm afraid
 it's going to file a restraining order against me soon.
The muted pink and plum colors, the tribal style....I'm lovesick.

Lauren Conrad's new Disney Cinderella line at Kohl's equals perfection.
Now you can live out the fairytale on a pauper budget.

I'm all for cute no-sew teepees!
Remember I said I may attempt one for the playroom?
Just think of how cool it would be to hide in there.
I could drink my wine in peace.

Do you follow the Scary Mommy blog?
There's some hilarious stuff over there!
This post "You Know You have Toddler When...." is spot on, 
although Little B has yet to pee on any store floors. Stay tuned.

I've been searching my house for something to "herringbone" (that sounds a little weird) ever since I saw this little DIY table on Infarrantly Creative.

What caught your eye this week?!

Have a delightful weekend! I'm itchin to get some craft time in this weekend. I know it's been awhile since I've shared anything non-house related and trust me, I'm starting to have withdrawals!

February 24, 2015

13 Delightful Wood Accent Wall Ideas and Playroom Update

13 Delightful Wood Accent Wall Ideas

You know how every once in awhile you have one of those DIY projects or crafts that you JUST KNOW is not going to go as planned? Well, that's not one of these. 
Nope. No Way. No how....because ladies and perhaps, gents, I stained the playroom plank wall and much to my surprise it wasn't a disaster. A matter of fact, it came out wayyy better than I could have imagined.

Sorry, for the in- progress pics but I promise to share complete pictures of the project soon, along with my stain color and technique (it was a mixture of a few things).
I just wanted to drop in to share some updates on the play room. Well, that, and to scream from the mountain tops that I LURVE how the accent wall is coming along so far. I was aiming for a "driftwood" color and I'm pretty darn happy with the results. I promise these pics don't even do the color justice because in person I want to keep staring and petting the planks, splinters and all.

Since I've been researching and pinning away all kinds of different wall ideas over the course of the past few months while planning out this room, I thought it'd be fun to share an inspiring round-up of some of the most eye-catching wood accent walls I've come across.


I triple LOVE this room and wall idea!

I remember awhile back stumbling across Jessie's living room.
It was the moment I fell in love with wood plank/pallet walls!

Raise your hand if you're a huge fan of the Fixer Upper on HGTV! 
Me, me, me!
This lovely space is from Jojo and Chip's house.

Speaking of HGTV....
Love the combo of the dark wood and all the colors in the rug and pillows.

Pottery Barn Kids always hits it out of the park!

Adore the varying wood tones on this wall!

This whole nursery is just to die for.

One of my favorite spaces in blogland.
This wall is actually what inspired the project for the playroom!

Straight out of a fairy tale!
Source (original source unknown)

This accent wall is perfect for those of you who do not want to commit 
to a larger project....or are just afraid of power tools.


I can't even wrap my brain around how the girls over at Classy Clutter came up with this but none the less, it's AMAZING!

It's always been my dream to live in a home with a pretty attic space, ya know, one that doesn't share rent with a raccoon or spider webs.

Which ones your favorite? Do you have any creative, fun accent walls in your home?

PS. I've been working REALLY hard at beautifying (yep, that's a word) my emails for those of you who are subscribers to Delightfully Noted, so you should be noticing the changes soon! 
If you're not a subscriber, make sure not to miss a post by signing up below (or in the box in the top, right sidebar). I promise not to send you desperate emails in the middle of the night claiming to be stuck in Nigeria with no money!



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