May 8, 2014

A Blogging Sabbatical..........In the Mean Time, Keep Your Hands Off My Chandelier!

If you're a regular I'm sure you've taken notice to the dust collecting on this here ol' blog. The past few months have been Charlie-Sheen-crazy. I've been slaving away a lot of hours on a HUGE work project. Between that, the Delightfully Noted shop, and sometimes showering I also apparently am charge of keeping another little human alive. A little human who enjoys playing with outlets, cords, and floor vents.
Sheesh. Apparently it's just not cool these days for kids to play with toys. 

Then ,as if the mental hospital wasn't already clearing out a room for me, I somehow let the hubby talk me into putting our  HOUSE UP FOR SALE. Yes, that's right we're (maybe) moving!! But only under the agreement that I could take the $2.00 thrift store nursery chandelier with us. 
So, yes, last Saturday morning I sat with my  mortified husband and signed a contract with our real estate agent noting an exclusion on including the chandelier with the house. I wanted to add our new wood floors and our custom mantle (tear drop) in there too but figured maybe I was being a little too greedy at that point.

So last weekend we took advantage of my MIL being in town (ie. free babysitter) and mad cleaned and organized every nook and cranny in this house for two days straight.

Shhhh....NO. ONE. MOVE.
This is the cleanest our house has EVER been.

It was the worse timing ever (did I mention I was slaving away on a HUGE work project?) and I seriously wanted to strangle who ever's genius idea this was to put our house up for sale in the middle of a hectic time in my life....until I realized I was the "genius" who agreed to it .

So now onto the other point of this post today. Prior to Baby B I knew in the back of my head that keeping up with crafting, blogging, a baby, an Etsy shop, and full time job would be a lot to handle. And honestly up until a few months ago I was actually surprised that I was still finding the energy to keep up with it all. Truth be told, I was burning the candle at both ends and knew it was only a matter of time before I ran out of steam. 


I feel burnt out on blogging. I feel burnt out on doing anything new with my shop. I feel burnt out on crafting. Plus, we just spent 48 tiring, long hours purging the house (I'm sure Goodwill loved us!)and I sure as heck am not feeling the whole let's-bring-more-crafty junk into the house right now!! Plus, crafting while "show casing " your house means I actually can't take three weeks to clean up a messy craft project anymore either. I mean ridunkulous right?

So with that being said I need a break, a blogging sabbatical per se.
This isn't "good bye" but perhaps just a little vacay until I get my mojo back.
I still will probably pop in here and there but am letting go of the pressure of feeling like I suck because I am not posting regularly and I really hope you all stick around!  If you think for some reason you're going to miss me terribly then get yo bootay over to Instagram and we can hang out there!

I'm username @delightnoted

See you all on the flip side!

April 25, 2014

4 Delightful DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

In preparation for Teacher Appreciation Week in May (May 5th-9th for those of us never mark anything down on calendars) I created a mini, mini round-up of some 
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas
that I have shared over the years.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

   Oh em gee! Can you guys believe that this Cork Board Flower Pot was 
THEE FIRST craft project I ever shared here on the blog? 
I'm sure the quality of the picture gave it away!

Seems like just yesterday I was a wittle, wittle tadpole in the world of craft blogging and well, now I'm just a toad--old, tired, and cranky. The only thing missing is the warts.

You can check out the full project details here.

I "tote-lly" loved sharing my first freebie over at Uncommon Designs last year as their new printable blog contributor. It was right around this time last year so the theme was "Teacher Appreciation".
Much to my surprise, the puny tags were a hit! You can get your own gift tags here.

Teacher Appreciation Printable Gift Tags

My most recent contribution to Uncommon Designs is this charming, teacher-inspired printable apple gift wrap and mini note card.

I convinced myself that designing with apples is just as good as eating them!
An apple a day will keep the doctor away....or so they say.

Teacher Appreciation Printable Gift Wrap and Mini Thank You Card

Last but not least, continuing on with the fruit theme I recently shared these

A guaranteed "A+" for your spawn if you gift your teacher something sweet inside of these!

So there you have it-- a few different unique ways to give your thanks this year to your favorite educator!

PS. I know my blogging has been sparse and sporadic these days so thank you to those of you who stick around! There are a few things on the home front that are keeping me rather busy (aside from keeping a nine month old from climbing the walls) and a three month long work project that is finally coming to a head but is draining my soul. I know in Blogland they often say once blogging starts to feel like a chore then it's time to quit. I'm really working hard on keeping it fun and not beating myself up on not being on a regular blog schedule right now!

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