July 31, 2015

Dose of Delight | 7.31.2015

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can't get your days straight? Yesterday I almost wished someone a "Happy Hump Day" (What? You mean you don't do that too?) and today it took me a few hours to realize it's Friday. Friday! How does one forget it's Friday?! Baffling, I know. 

I'm really excited about this week's Dose of Delight and I promise I'm doubley (that's a word, right?) excited now that I know the weekend is here! Lots of fun favorite things to share today so let's get to it!

Ladies (and perhaps, gents) I practically live at the Michael's store down the street from us. 
I mean duh.....I'm a DIY blogger, right? I always feel so silly saying that. But seriously, I think it's pretty obvious I'm a maker. I like making things and I have for awhile now AND yet some how I NEVER knew secret # 3 in this round-up of 7 Secrets You Need to Know Before Shopping at Michaels
What rock have I been living under?

On of my favorite projects I eyed this week is from the very talented Sarah M. Dorsey blog. Sarah is one of those people I follow whom's creativity never ceases to amaze me. She's a breath of fresh air the DIY world.
I'm head over heels in love with this Lucite Frame Vintage Scarf how-to she recently shared!
Why didn't I ever think of this? Can I have just a small piece of your brain, Sarah? 
Specifically a piece from the right hemisphere? 

Do you follow Mommy Shorts? It's a really cute and fun mommy blog and if any of you have ever tried to successfully complete an art or craft project with a toddler that didn't end with you finishing off the last bottle of wine in the fridge, then I think you'll appreciate this!

Are you a campy person? I am if you throw me an in air-conditioned cabin, clear the woods of all potentially life-threatening wildlife, and promise me s'mores for breakfast. I swear this 'I "Hate Camping" Person's Guide to Surviving a Family Camping Trip' was created with me in mind.

Embroidery Hoop from Dove House Handmade

On the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Southern Living, checks in on the revitalization of a neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward. One word: CHARMING!

You can see the full spread here.

I hope you guys enjoy these fun finds. I always love to share in hopes that they pique your interest or inspire 
you. Something else that may pique your interest.....we've been working on a new entry way project. EEK! You can catch sneak peeks over on Instagram

Have a delightful weekend everyone!

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July 30, 2015

Rug Pads USA Giveaway: Save Your Floors!

My dear friends, not all rug pads are created equal, we talked about this back in January, and you could potentially be damaging those beautiful floors of yours.
That's why I'm super excited for today's giveaway from Rug Pads USA!

Not All Rug Pads are Created Equal! Rug Pads USA Giveaway

Choosing a new rug can be fun, well, on the other hand, choosing a rug pad is probably an afterthought for most of us. Research shows 9 out of 10 rug owners
are using the wrong rug pad on their hardwood floors.
That's right, the study was just recently published by the "Save Your Floors Foundation".
I bet you didn't know such a foundation existed? That's because it doesn't. I just made that up BUT I'm willing to bet my stats are pretty dang close to the truth!

The majority of  the rug pads offered in your local big box retailers are not of good quality, meaning that most of them contain chemicals that just aren't good for your floors (or the environment).

I have absolutely no complaints about the rug pad I reviewed at the start of the new year (you can read more about that here) , that's why I was super delighted when Rug Pads USA reached out to me again to see if I would like to review another pad. BUT I already know how majestic they are and instead decided it made more sense if one of YOU had the opportunity to experience their majesticness (is that even a word? )as well.

The friendly people of Rug Pads USA agreed and they so kindly offered 
up a free pad for one of my lucky readers!
The even more exciting news is that you can pick any style pad up to size 12 ' by 12'!
You can check out all of the different options here.

Enter below AND good luck, buttercups!

July 27, 2015

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

Have you ever experienced a random fish smell in your house? 
I can think of a million more glamorous topics to discuss today but my hubby and I recently learned a really important lesson that could have potentially been tragic. If you choose to ignore 99% of what I say, please let this be the 1% that you DO pay attention to.
Phew. Thank goodness that was an easy math equation.

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

All jokes aside, this is the story of The Killer Boob.
For real, I told you all jokes aside.

I wanted to share this story in case you ever have or ever do experience
 the "mystery fish odor" in your home. 9 times out of 10 the culprit is probably something most of you had never thought of and it's something you shouldn't ignore! 

A few weeks ago, we started to experience a strange fishy smell on our upstairs landing right outside of the bedrooms. I first caught whiff of it when I was unsuccessfully
 "trying" to get Little B ready for bed. 

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

At first I thought maybe I was imagining the smell but my hubby smelled it too.
You know how when a wife goes missing the police immediately start questioning the husband? Well, when a parent smells something funky you immediately start questioning the personal hygiene of your child. 
And when that leads to a dead end, you move onto the pets.
Neither of them appeared to be the culprit.

We had just finished eating dinner and in the end, although we ate grilled chicken and veggies that night I still chalked the odor up to cooking fumes.
 I figured the smell would eventually disappear on its own and it did.
The next morning the scent had all but dissipated.
I moved on with my life and started worrying about more important things like the "fake Dollar Section" at Target and the dissolving marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. 

Fast forward to a few nights later to me putting away fresh laundry (if by "fresh" you mean it's been sitting in the dryer for three days), and BOOM there's that dang smell again. Only this time it's more rancid and the odor is seeping down the hall into our bedroom. I frantically get down on all fours and start sniffing every inch of the carpet. "It's got to be one of those damn dogs!" (Editors note: If you're eating lunch right now I suggest you may want to put it down for the time being) I have two words for you: ANAL GLANDS. I was convinced one of them resolved their butt issue all over my house. By the way, I highly discourage anyone from Googling "How to Empty Dog's Anal Glands?" My hubby and I did many years ago and our family has been traumatized ever since.

The smell gets worse and worse as the night goes on. I can't go to sleep. The odor was getting so poignant that I was convinced I would never experience the scents of life like a normal human being again. If it was indeed the dog, we just couldn't wrap our brain around why the smell kept coming and going? Then around midnight it hit me! My worst nightmare was coming true. 

"Oh em gee! There's a dead animal behind our walls!"


Just kidding. Don't worry, it wasn't Bambi.
This was just the only picture of an animal I have on my camera's memory card right now.
Isn't he cute?

I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, dead animals.
At this point I start doing what any normal person would do in the 21st century, I start Googling.
And much to my dismay my "fishy smell in house" search turns up something perhaps scarier than a dead animal wasting away between my walls.

It's most likely something electrical!
Think melted electrical outlets, sizzling overheated circuits, or faulty wiring.....or it could also be something as simple as using the wrong wattage light bulb in a lamp.
What ever the case, it could be a fire waiting to happen!

After stumbling upon this information, the hubby and I immediately got up out of bed and started conducting an investigation. Here's a brief article on a few things you may want to look for when trying to get to the root of your stinky issues or better yet consult your local electrician!

So you want to know what was the cause of our fishy problem?

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

It was the boob light! I've been publicly critical of the boob light a time or two in the past BUT now, NOW that it was trying to kill us I definitely can't justify their existence (take note EVERY home builder in the good ol' U S of A).

After sniffing every outlet and light fixture in the hallway, we narrowed the smell down to two boob lights where the odor seem to be more poignant.
The hubby took them down and from first glance everything with the wiring seem to look a-okay.

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

But upon further investigation, we discovered singed insulation inside one of the light fixtures.

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

And we also noticed the shields on the sockets looked yellow and burned too.

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

They were in such bad condition that they literally crumbled when we removed them.

Random Fishy Smell in Home and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It!

 We believe it's just a faulty light fixture and not a wiring issue. I had read that the chemicals used to keep plastic and electronic shielding heat resistant can give off a fish smell when over heated. This revelation of the killer boob light also made perfect sense when I realized that the smell tended to come out at night, when we were actually using the hallway lights.

It's been over a week since we removed the Killer Boob Light and thankfully, not once has the yucky fish odor returned. Hopefully, this information can help someone else if they ever experience the same issues!

This was definitely one of those "Who would have thunk it?" moments for me.
I never, never would have suspected an electrical problem.
I shudder to think what could have happened had we kept blaming our stinky problems on anal glands and dead deers.........................

Early detection, like anything, is key.

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