October 7, 2015

August & September in Review:Just Call Me Lester Holt

There are 79 days until the big day! Yes, just 79 days until........should I say it? Christmas!
Holy fruit cake! Not that anyone's counting. 

I officially deem 2015 the quickest year of my life. Does anyone else feel that way? 
In case you missed it, here's what went down in August and September.

I shared 6 hot new craft/DIY tools that you've since all purchased, right? Bueller? Bueller?

I created this carb-loaded wall art (one of my favorite projects ever!)
Does anyone suddenly have a hankering for bread now?

I knocked off one of my longest standing to-do's in the history of longest to-do's and FINALLY designed a project gallery page. This reminds me I still have to add my seasonal projects! Check back in the year 2019.
Go visit it now and hopefully find yourself inspired to get your DIY on. 

Our DIY playroom built-in tutorial made an appearance in the month of August.
Oh, and I shared how we saved our sanity by tackling the toy clutter! It's still working to this day. 

If you like simple with a capital "S" when it comes to wall decor ideas, then this one's for you. #yourwelcome

We all know most wreaths can cost an arm and a leg but I went all Lester Holt on you and investigated the shady, dangerous underground wreath industry and came up with 

Okay, really I just laid in my bed and Googled and Pinterest the heck out of retailers. But still the potential of falling off a bed could be considered dangerous, right?

Did you guys know I was the first woman to walk on the moon? I mean literally I walked on this.

These free printables don't need to be reserved to just the start of the school year!

I really, really love my new wheat wreath and you can make one too. Heck, your dog can even make this!

I did some Fall decorating here and here.

Did you catch the trick I use to prolong the life of my vased sunflowers?

The DIY board and batten entryway drop zone was revealed (tutorial coming soon!)

Phew! And just in case you've made it this far into this post and are in need of some caffeine!

 Can't wait to see what the Fall holds in store for Delightfully Noted!
As always, thanks for being a friend and stopping by!

Is anyone else working on some fun craft projects or home renos (is a home reno ever really fun?!)

October 6, 2015

Nail in the Coffin: Cute Candy-Less Halloween Treat for Girls!

I tried to kick off today's post with some punny "put a nail in your coffin" joke, but sorry, guys, everything was falling short of being funny.  So I'll just get straight to the point.... I'm  REALLY, REALLY excited to share this non-candy Halloween treat idea with you today.
Check out these cute and incredibly simple candy-less coffin nail polish gifts!

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls!

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls!

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls! #halloween

With three nieces (all tiptoeing near the teenage years), I'm always on the hunt for cute and creative treats to send them for the holidays. For Halloween, I like to think outside of the conventional candy box and send them something other than just a Snickers bar.
The second I laid eyes on these adorable little coffins (is that strange to call a casket adorable?) at Michaels I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them!

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls! #halloween

They were the perfect size for these Halloween themed bottles of nail polish I scored on sale last year. I wanted to dress the coffins up a bit so I picked up some cute tiny burlap bows to add to the top. I think I just discovered my newest business venture; burlap casket bows!
Watch out "Shark Tank", here I come!

I created the "Open If You Dare" flag tags over on PicMonkey.

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls! #halloween

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls! #halloween

It's the perfect gift for all the special ghouls in your life!
I just adore how they turned out and they receive double points for being so simple to put together.

Throwing a Halloween party soon? Wouldn't they make for some cute favors?
You can always skip the nail polish and fill them with sweet little treats.
Or what about just using them for decoration?

I was actually really digging them hanging out in my entryway decor
(Psst..this is a sneak peek of the vintage-anatomy-medical-or-something-like-that Halloween foyer I'm working on. You can catch a better glimpse of it over on Instagram).

What a cute candy-less Halloween treat idea for girls! #halloween

I hope you enjoyed today's Halloween idea!
Thanks for stopping by.

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October 2, 2015

Dose of Delight | 10.2.2015

Let's give ourselves a round of applause, not only did we make it to a new month BUT we've made it to yet another Friday! Cue the confetti. We're hoping to hit the pumpkin patch with Little B this weekend and to
get our fill on pumpkin and apple cider donuts. 
Mmmmm.. I'm practically salivating just thinking about them. 

As always, with the change of the season, my mind is churning with all kinds of new Halloween and Fall project ideas. Hopefully, I can chuck out a few of those crafts this weekend too. I'm working on a really fun Halloween themed entryway. I can't wait to share it! I typically keep my Instagram account up to date so make sure to join me over there for sneak peeks.

Alright, enough with the babble. Let's get on with this week's favorite links!

How spooktastic is this wall art?

(please pin from original source)

I know some of you are content with printing your pictures through places like Walmart and Cotsco and that's fine but there really is a quality difference between all print labs. About a year ago, I really started to appreciate some of the more professional online printing sources and thought this was a terrific post on the comparison between a lot of the pro labs!

(please pin from original source)

Why Boys Needs to Play with Girl's Toys.

My favorite find this week was this grey plaid throw from Target. Earlier this week it was on sale online for $14.99. The price went back up but I see there is 10% off code available now
Seriously, it's so soft and comfy and makes me wish I was napping with it RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE.

Those of you who have been around for awhile are familiar with my love for the Blocks Paper Paint name blocks Darlene made me for B's nursery back in the day.
She just added a bunch of fun new Halloween themed items to the shop and I'm loving how festive they are.
Check them out here

Have a delightful weekend everyone!

PS. Don't forget about the Parrot Uncle Light Giveaway going on right now!
Enter here for your chance at a FREE light pendant or sconce.

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